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I think it would be fair to say that I’m a really busy guy and because of that I’m pretty good at deciding really fast if I am going to allow anyone to take up time in my schedule. In comes Lime Media and I’m thinking, they have about 5 minutes while I listen to yet another marketing guru tell me what my business needs. Except they didn’t, they actually listened first, and that in itself is rare. Then they worked out a priority schedule for what we needed most, and then not only followed up and did what they said they would do, but also kept me on point. Take it from me, that isn’t an easy thing to do!

Our consultant Jennifer is a super detailed analyzer and she created a defined action plan for getting things done. She has a keen eye for design, is super protective of us and our brand – and yes, she can execute on that marketing strategy as well. She redesigned a key piece of our strategy and supporting marketing brochures, and best of all, allowed us to forget about it and focus on what we should be focusing on… running our business. Needless to say, that initial 5 minutes turned into much more, and I’m very glad it did.

About Us

Lime Media brings 20 years of experience and passion for marketing, graphic design and real estate to the table. We know the real estate industry and know what it takes to create a strong brand for you or your team. We can help you develop or fine tune marketing strategies to increase sales, and design materials that will set you apart from other realtors, and wow your clients.

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