Marketing Strategy

The real estate field is a crowded and competitive space, and the key ingredient to your success is developing a strong marketing strategy. Without one, your efforts to attract new and repeat clients will likely be haphazard and ineffective.

Your marketing strategy should develop an awareness of who you are (your brand), what you do, and how you are uniquely qualified. With a solid strategy you’ll put yourself head and shoulders above your competition and not only increase your own success, but your client’s as well.

Marketing Strategy

Graphic Design

From your business card, to your feature sheets, and all of your online and print advertising, graphic design is a very important tool in connecting your brand to its audience. Your image and presentation can make or break how you are perceived. Good design can help establish credibility, trust, and result in great success for your business.

With so much visual competition in the marketplace today it is all the more important to have eye catching and appealing design. Your design can make a potential client feel drawn to you and can convey a message that you are established and to be taken seriously.


In real estate, you need to stand out from a sea of agents doing what you do. But you are different and you offer something that they don’t – that’s your story and your brand.

It’s more than just your logo; it’s everything you say and do, your advertising, social media, and so much more. Telling that story and creating a consistent image is key to your strategy and success.

Social Media

Social Media is a phenomenal tool for you to build your brand, reach potential clients, and interact with your community. Social media gives you the perfect platform to engage with potential buyers and sellers, and to show them who you are and what you’re all about.

By consistently posting relevant, high value content on your social networks you set yourself apart from other agents. People are searching, and we are here to help you be found.


Professional real estate photos are one of your most valuable tools when marketing a home. With close to 90% of buyers now searching online as part of their home buying process, the impact your photos have is crucial.

Poor quality photos, such as photos taken with a cell phone, or not taken by someone who is an expert at photography, can make a great house look undesirable and cost you money in the end. If you’re looking to work with vetted professional real estate photographers, click below to get connected.

Other Services

Whether it be a listing presentation, website, client event management, editing, or other project, we’d love to help you.

About Us

Lime Media brings 20 years of experience and passion for marketing, graphic design and real estate to the table. We know the real estate industry and know what it takes to create a strong brand for you or your team. We can help you develop or fine tune marketing strategies to increase sales, and design materials that will set you apart from other realtors, and wow your clients.

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