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Professional real estate photos are one of your most valuable tools when marketing a home. They are the first, and sometimes the only impression a potential buyer has of the home before they move on to another listing. With close to 90% of buyers now searching online as part of their home buying process, the impact your photos have is crucial.

Poor quality photos, such as photos taken with a cell phone, or not taken by someone who is an expert at photography, can make a great house look undesirable. On the other end of the scale, high-quality photos can bring out the best of homes that aren’t so pretty, by highlighting the best features.

Professional photos show a home in its best light, with flattering angles that capture a room’s attributes, and they create an image in the viewer’s mind of what it would be like to live in those rooms.

In our DIY society, and as real estate fees add up or markets slow down, it’s tempting to want to “go it alone” and take your own photos. This mindset can actually cost you money instead of saving it if your listing is getting passed by, and if potential buyers aren’t able to see the home’s true qualities.

Another mistake realtors make is hiring a “professional” who produces and provides poor quality images. Dark lighting, bad angles, and oversaturated images are some examples, and the result is very similar to DIY photos. Make sure you are working with and investing in a great real estate photographer.

Every home has a story to tell, and how you tell it will greatly impact the success of your listing. If you’re looking to work with vetted professional real estate photographers, click here to get connected.

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